Editing Services

Jeff Savage provides editing services for companies and individuals. For a list of companies/entities and associated references, please connect with LinkedIn. For individual services, Jeff specializes in college application essays. As an experienced independent educational consultant, Jeff offers assistance for high school students while maintaining standards outlined by the Higher Education Code of Academic Ethics.



College acceptance is determined by myriad factors. The college application essay is weighted heavily in the admissions process. Surveys show the essay portion of the application ranking fourth in importance behind grade point average, curriculum (course of study), and test scores, and ahead of extracurriculars, support materials, recommendations, and interviews. Competition is fierce, and a compelling and well-structured essay will separate academically qualified applicants. The essay is an excellent opportunity to stand out.



Jeff works with students on Common Application essays (a form accepted by more than 550 colleges), Supplemental essays, and the graduate program Statement of Purpose. He consults in person or remotely using file synchronization processes (Google Docs, Word Tracking, OneDrive) and assists in any steps requested, from pre-writing (ideas, direction, organization) to drafts, revisions, and proofreading. He counsels students on style formats preferred by admission offices, such as the standard essay (introduction, body, conclusion) using a direct tone, and narrative or inductive essay using a conversational tone. Attention is paid to elements of style, including flow and rhythm, transition, dialogue, research to add supporting ideas for proof, clarity, grammar, and technical correctness.



Students produce vivid and interesting content – in their own voice – that demonstrates to admission officers their insights and enthusiasms on topics that highlight their values and concerns. Writing the college application essay can be a stressful experience. The assistance of a highly qualified independent consultant alleviates anxiety and reveals through words why the student deserves to be admitted.


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