What Educators Say

Wonderful. Our K-6 students loved Jeff! We haven’t been this excited over an author in a very long time.

Kris Kobb
Teacher & Author Committee Chair
Riverdale Elementary
St. Joe, IN

So Motivating! We have had several outstanding authors come to our school to speak, but none like Jeff Savage.

Debbie Maghanoy
Reading Specialist
Vail Elementary
Temecula, CA

Fantastic visit! The students REALLY enjoyed your assemblies, follow-up workshops, and how funny you were. Thank You for giving us such a great day!

Maria Triantafyllopoulos
Cultural Arts Committee
Strawtown Elementary
West Nyack, NY

Everyone here LOVED your presentations and said so! The teachers, students, and parents who saw you in action all had the same feedback: ‘Best Author EVER!’ Thank you for the Superlative day!

Cindy Demchuk
Authors Day PTA
San Ramon Elementary
Novato, CA

Oh, were they ever happy! That’s exactly how you left Planada, teachers and kids alike. Your enthusiasm for life, for writing, for meeting people – thank you for the gift you gave us!

Holly Barrera
District Librarian
Planada School
District Planada, CA

I enthusiastically recommend award-winning author Jeff Savage! He appealed to all boys and girls. Teachers are giving him rave reviews. He is an extremely easy author to work with!

Barbara Bomes
The Curtis School
Los Angeles, CA

Wow! Our staff was so impressed – more than I can say! The students keep quoting your excellent message of confidence. Our reluctant readers are now entering the Writers Fair!

Lori Matsu
Library Media Tech
Vinci Park Elementary
San Jose, CA

Absolutely fantastic! Jeff Savage’s author visit was the best we have ever had – as voted by the teachers and staff! Wow!

Kimberly Bitter
PTA Vice President
MLK, Jr. Middle

Madera, CA

The NWLSD can’t begin to thank you enough for making the lives of our students richer in the area of literature. Jeff, it was truly a pleasure working with a professional such as you.

Gay Isaacs
Northwest Local
School District
Cincinnati, OH

You are the best author visit we have ever had at Vargas! The students and teachers have been effusive with their praise! You said what all students need to hear – over and over again!

Ginger Harris
Vargas Elementary

Sunnyvale, CA

The VERY BEST thing you did was to give such positive validation to each student who came through your autograph line. You made every child feel special and cared about! Great job, Jeff!

Joe Dana
Ralph Dunlap Elementary
Santa Maria, CA


Such a success! It’s been fun to see so much enthusiasm from the students and positive feedback from the teachers. I can’t keep your books on the library shelves!

Becky Brewer
Mitchell Elementary

Atwater, CA

All the Houston schools enjoyed your trip here so much. Your price is so affordable that even our underfunded schools could afford to have you visit. What you gave us was truly a treat!

Marjorie Podzielinski
Library Media Specialist
Tough K-6 School

Conroe, TX

What a great day! The kids loved it and the parents can’t stop talking about it. Everyone at our PTC meeting agreed that you were phenomenal!

Meghan Baichtal
Catheryn Gates Ele
Roseville, CA

Absolutely the best assembly we have ever had at our school! This was amazing!

Inge Eppink
Ruby Drive Elementary

Placentia, CA

You were a hit!!! The students loved your presentations and thought you were hilarious! Thank you for inspiring us.

Gary Mullen
Suburu Elementary
Bakersfield, CA

Your enthusiasm is perfect for middle school. Your emphasis on positive role models, and going to college despite financial difficulties, is what students need to hear!

Joy Chung
Sepulveda Middle
North Hills, CA

You inspire so many with your words! My students really enjoyed the entertaining way you talked about your writing career. We loved your sense of humor!

Tim Collier
Pepper Tree Elementary
Upland, CA

Thank you for such an inspiring day! Your presentations make such a difference for students. You are simply AMAZING!

Arlene Illa
Horace Cureton Ele

San Jose, CA

Jeff Savage is extremely energetic and motivating to all students and teachers! His love for his work and children are evident in everything he does!

Kim McCarthy
Media Specialist
Park Trails Elementary

Parkland, FL

Thank you for your fun and exciting presentation. The children were motivated by your words and entertained by your stories. Everyone appreciated your enthusiasm!

Rachelle Romander
Santa Clara County Reading Council
Santa Clara, CA

Jeff Savage has a natural gift of connecting with children. His motivational message is so inspiring. You will love Jeff’s personality, charisma, and passion for his work.

David Jones
Carmel Del Mar Ele
San Diego, CA

My 1st graders loved your ready sense of humor! Thank you for encouraging them to have confidence, listen to their teacher, and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Alice Williams
Don Callejon School
Santa Clara, CA

Thank you for enriching our students with your experiences as an author! You have inspired us to have the confidence to become great writers.

Suzy Brandt
Gold River Discovery
Gold River, CA

What a memorable day! Our students were inspired by your message of overcoming obstacles. I was impressed by your ability to relate to students of all ages.

Mary Stratman
Library Media Specialist
St. Wenceslaus School

Omaha, NE

Triumphant! Teachers are still talking about how wonderful you were. Our students will certainly be better writers because of you!

Marlene Ford
Yokayo Elementary

Ukiah, CA

Jeff inspired, motivated, and reminded us that we all have what it takes to succeed … Confidence! Jeff’s humor, stories, and special charm captured us all!

Pat McDermont
Monte Gardens Ele

Concord, CA

You molded young minds in Media, Pennsylvania and got straight A’s from the teachers here! What a hit!

Susan Nolen
Assembly Coordinator
Indian Lane Elementary Media, PA

The administration, teachers, and students were so inspired by your ability to promote nonfiction, and more importantly, your message of good character!

Kathleen Sheppard
Library Media Teacher Alice C. Stelle Middle
Calabasas, CA

You are the most gracious and inspiring speaker we have ever had. The students and faculty enjoyed your visit immensely!

Carol Prell
PTA President
Silverwood Elementary
Concord, CA